Hi, my name is Michelle.

I'm a multimedia journalist, a storyteller and an amateur comedian (more amateur than comedian). I believe that everyone and everything has a story worth telling. As a multimedia journalist, I want to tell those stories in creative, engaging ways. 

I am pursuing a degree in Journalism, with an emphasis in Convergence Radio Reporting and Producing. 


What am I reading? Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina"

What am I watching? Netflix Original Designated Survivor. 

What am I listening to? Equal parts Paul Simon and Anderson .Paak


Where have I been? I am a native of Menlo Park, California but I spent my high school years in Allen, Texas (which has the largest high school football stadium in the U.S.!)

Where am I now? I am at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri pursuing my undergraduate degree. I'm learning Midwestern things like saying "ope" when I run into people and embracing frozen custard in lieu of ice cream. 

Where am I going? Brussels, Belgium! I will be interning in Brussels this spring where I will get my fill of EU politics, frites and authentic Belgian waffles.