Hi, my name is Michelle.

I'm a multimedia journalist and storyteller. I believe that everyone and everything has a story worth telling.

So let’s chat. I’d love to talk about what you’re reading now or planning to read next, your take on the most promising emerging media platform, what makes an audio story good (and what makes an audio story bad), what you’re streaming now or what languages you’d love to learn.


What am I reading? “Five-carat Soul” by James McBride

What am I watching? The new season of “Making a Murderer”

What am I listening to? Equal parts Paul Simon and the new season of Serial.


Where have I been? I was born and bred in Woodside, California, but I was transplanted to Allen, Texas for high school.

Where am I now? I am at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri pursuing my undergraduate degree.

Where am I going? That’s to be determined.