In the Spring of 2018, I was an intern at POLITICO Europe in Brussels, Belgium. I specialized in working on the EU Confidential podcast, but I also pitched and reported breaking news stories and created promotional videos. For the podcast, I would find and conduct interviews for the show each week. I helped edit the content and audio of the show.


This is one of the interviews I helped with at POLITICO, with former Prime Minister of the U.K., Tony Blair.

This is one of the interviews I helped with at POLITICO, with former Prime Minister of the U.K., Tony Blair.

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My duties included going to interviews to record high quality sound. While doing this, I got to meet some very interesting sources. I also made sure that the audio levels were good, doing this a few times a week helped my technical skills and my understanding of what elements come together to capture crisp, clear sound. 

 After each interview, I would help transcribe the tape and then help make content edits. The day the show aired, I would help edit the elements of the show together in Adobe Audition.

One of the long-form pieces I reported was about the Brussels Press Revue, a skit put on by journalists and consultants, many of whom have been in the Brussels scene for years. Many of the actors in the Press Revue are British, and making skits and songs about the Brexit process. While they may be joking on stage about the process, many feel deeply saddened, angry or torn about Brexit.

Have a listen, and be ready for some corny songs and Brussels inside jokes.

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These are the breaking news stories I pitched and reported. In addition to these, I also wrote breaking news alerts that were sent to POLITICO Pro subscribers and stories that were sent in the daily Pro newsletters.

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Davos Confidential was a one-week special of daily episodes about the World Economic Form in Davos, Switzerland. For this project, I would receive interviews from our show's host in Switzerland and work with an editor to cut and edit these shows in just a few hours. This was the first time the podcast had done a project of this scale, and it was a success.